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 Adopters Testimonials and Letters:

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Hi Tracy,

I just wanted to send you a few pictures of "Aslan" in his new home.

The boys, "Kimbre Lynn" and I are so very excited that he's now part of our family.

"Aslan's" done such a great job at trying to befriend the cats and being patient with "Kimbre Lynn." He's such a very gentle and loving boy! I never worry about him, he's just such a love to ALL of our family members!!!

I'm not good with computers, but hope that these photos reach you. The first photo is of "Aslan" getting used to his new yard. The second is him gently meeting our blind cat "Sarah." The third photo is of “Aslan” sharing his new bed with his sister "Kimbre Lynn" and the fourth is "Aslan" and "Kimbre Lynn" enjoying the nice weather out back.
I'd like to say that we very much appreciate your facilitating the chance for us to
have"Aslan" and we all just want you to know that he is quickly becoming very
happy and starting to understand that he is, and will always be our family member.
I forgot to tell you that I took him in the van for a quick stop at the store. When we
returned and came in the front door, I took his lead off. He went directly over to my 
boys to check on them, and then went upstairs to check on my blind cat. After that, 
he went to the bed that he just received today. 
How more perfect could a big dog get? He is completely a love and a protector.
My boys are all around the neighborhood talking about "Aslan" . . as they should be.
Thank you again for helping us find our wonderful Sasquatch, "Aslan."
Michelle, Ryan and Logan


 Adopters Testimonials and Letters:  
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